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Kit de Sobrevivência de Emergência Weyland

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Kit de equipamentos de sobrevivência usado como um kit de sobrevivência de natureza selvagem ao ar livre, kit EDC, kit de sobrevivência Go Bags, kit de emergência, kit de sobrevivência de insetos ou kit de sobrevivência de zumbi

Nós colocamos mais equipamentos táticos, equipamentos para uso ao ar livre e outros itens essenciais para mochila, o que torna o pacote de sobrevivência perfeito para dar a qualquer amante ao ar livre.

Tem uma faca de sobrevivência de lâmina fixa com um cabo completo, tornando-a a faca tática mais forte e versátil em qualquer kit tático ou kit de sobrevivência militar.

Equipamento de acampamento adicional neste kit de caminhada inclui iniciador de incêndio, pulseira de corda de paraquedas, cobertor, apito, cartão multiferramentas, serra, espelho, bússola e bainha

Inclui uma cópia em PDF transferível do nosso novo guia de sobrevivência escrito especificamente para acompanhar o nosso kit de sobrevivência Weyland Outdoors sem custo adicional.

10 avaliações para Kit de Sobrevivência de Emergência Weyland

  1. Lee Jo

    I got this for my sister. She hikes in the mountains and I felt like she needed a bit more with her so this kit was a fantastic starting point. I added a few things (bandanna and a water baggie etc) but she loves it! The box is not that sturdy, I broke it right when I opened it and it’s a thick plastic (easy fix with rubber bands). So she can scoop up water but it would have to be treated after that with tabs or a filtration straw. Anyway! Get this kit for your first time starters! (I would say for your kids, but the knife that come with it is no joke!) ENJOY!

  2. Vanessa L.

    This survival kit is impressive for the price. The fixed blade knife and the high quality compass alone are worth the purchase price and everything else is bonus. The paracord bracelet has a metal clasp and the combination kubotan whistle with fire steel and tinder is a quality piece of kit for gadget aficionados. One of these kubotans alone costs half the price of the whole set. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the hard plastic case which arrived with a hole where the tip of the knife blade had punched through. However when I contacted the supplier, they responded immediately and sent me out a replacement case which I received two days later. I am excited for warmer weather to go play and practice with this awesome gear.

  3. Family Medicine MD

    The equipment case isn’t big enough to hold the survival knife with the sheath on (the case is distorted if you try to jam the sheathed knife in) which is dangerous because you can’t lock the kit if you have small children! I ordered a second kit with the discount code on the Weyland website and the kit arrived with the 1cm x 0.5 cm plastic protective tip OFF the knife and sticking out of the kit (with the kit closed) so I very nearly cut myself opening the shipping box. Otherwise, it’s a great survival kit for the money.

  4. Michael Melaney

    Purchased the Weyland Kit when it went on presale. I was surprised when it showed up earlier than promised. (Always a nice bonus). As an avid outdoorsman and hunter its nice to see that someone put the time in to putting together a quality kit rather than just a bunch of cheaply made barely usable items in a “nice” case. I keep it in the truck for potential emergencies. In Georgia there’s no telling when you may be stuck for a few days in the woods on a hunting trip gone wrong. Along with my other supplies the items in the kit will fill the need. Looking forward to the zombie apocalypse now….. Just Kidding. Well done Weyland.

  5. Christina Arsenault

    The best survival kit! Here is why. The knife included. It is the star of this show. The knife alone is a $30 knife, I actually love this knife more than my Gerber Bear Grylls knife. The Weyland knife has a much better blade shape. The Gut Hook is very sharp and great for hunters. Not a hunter? It cuts cordage pretty easy as well. The knife is full tang (1 piece of steel) and you will not break this knife. Can hammer it through wood or chop or split. It is balanced nicely and the grip is superior it my Gerber Bear Grylls. Easy to hold and has a lot of weight to it. Everything in the kit is well thought out. The saw with the handles is highest quality makes cutting branches very easy. It has 2 whistles one on the signal mirror and one on the fire starter. The flint in the fire starter screws in and appears to be replaceable. The sparker/flint works great and has cotton to get a fire started. The flash light is very bright with a 6” beam and it feels like quality. The multi tool again has weight to it, you are not going to break it or strip it using it as a wrench or cutting device. The bracelet has a screw in pin which can be used as an anchor. And has multiple sizing. Or the pin itself has an eyelet you could use as a fishing line anchor. The compass works great and again has some quality weight to it. Not a tin compass. There is enough room in the case to add a few items you may want to add. Like additional fire starter, poncho, alcohol swabs, bandages, water filtration tablets, fishing line/rubber worm hook/bobber/anchor. The case is smooth and has 4 clamps to secure it down. This case totes very easily in a small backpack or even a purse. I keep this kit in my car and it comes in hand. This is a great kit to buy if you only use the knife and keep the kit as a bonus. It’s a great gift for any outdoorsman.

  6. david noel

    This is a pretty nice kit. The knife is the main attraction but there are other decent items included as well. I read other reviews before purchasing and decided to give it a try. There were many complaints about things like the flash light. I found it of decent brightness for what it is. It doesn’t have any adjustments or different brightness levels but it gets the job done. The compass seems to be made of quality materials. Another complaint by others was the lack of cotton for the fire starter. I will agree with that but I always put a handful of dryer lint in a zip lock bag to go in the kit. The knife is heavy and feels sturdy. I received an email from Ryan a few days after purchase that included the pdf file of the guide. My only personal complaint would have to be about the case. It has two latches on the front and one on each side but the case flexes quite a bit making it difficult to latch properly. If it were a little thicker around the front for stability that would definitely help. I would take half a star off for that but nearly five stars.

  7. Joseph Muenzer

    So first off the company is awesome. They emailed me the day before I got it and said if I had any concerns or anything to let them know and email a survival book on how to use the items that’s in the pack. Then a few days after receiving the emailed and said if there was any problems to let them know. So the company to me is 5star. The product is awesome. Everything was as expected. I bought the pack for the knife and gave the rest to my 11year old son and he loves it. I would have kept but I have all of it. The pack is only like $5 more than the knife. And the knife is solid. It’s on my hiking back. So if your thinking about it I’d get it. Not a purchase that I regret. Solid product and solid company

  8. MH

    Over the years I have purchased several :”Emergency Kits” in this price range. This is by far the best! First, the knife is incredible; very sharp, full tang, sturdy and multi featured. The sheath is very cheap but fits and at this price, it’s more than adequate. Compass is accurate and well made. Saw has good handles for ease of use and worked better than competitors for what it is. I only popped a bottle cap with the multitool and that was fine. The “space blanket” is a great addition. I’ve wasted money on competitors models and this is the best for the price. I have purchased three of these kits and will purchase 2 more when they are on salefor each of our family’s members. The knife alone is worth the total price.Highly recommended !!

  9. Douglas R Townsend

    Very high quality pieces, but you need to understand what you’re buying. This is a bare minimum kit. IMHO, take this kit and add to it the other items a complete kit requires (bandages, medicines, folding shovel, filter straw, etc.). There is nothing supplied that I would throw out because of inferority. If you purchase it, get familiar with what’s in it and learn how to use it. The free survival guide is a very important asset that you should download. The USAF Survival Guide for aircrew is also a valuable asset. This kit is definately worth the money.

  10. Paul Thomas

    Very nice quality. Everything in there looks good however, I was trying to demonstrate to my kids how the wood saw works and the handle snaped off on the first pull. Would have given it 5 stars but if you buy something it should work.Thought I would do a quick update, changed my review to five stars the company contacted me and was very proactive in exchanging the broken item. Their customer service alone deserves five stars.

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